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My Migraine Essentials – Helpful Products – When The Meds Don’t Cut It

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Migraine Essentials As chronic migrainers, we become accustomed to a certain level of pain. This beautiful world becomes one where every single sound, taste, smell and action is amplified. And boy, do we know about it. Sometimes Often medication, whether OTC or prescription (let’s face it, if you’re in the ‘chronic migraine club’ you’re probably also …

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Thankful For My Struggle – Finding The Good Living With Chronic Illness

Could I really be thankful for my struggle? My two decade long struggle living with and fighting chronic illness has taught me many a thing; a great respect for the human spirit, a realisation of how strong I truly am, an appreciation of the most important aspects in life; amongst many, many things. It has shown …

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Floatation Therapy

AD | GIFTED (NOT PAID) Floating away, Floating away Imagine, if you will, floating effortlessly in warm water. Your body softly supported by the stillness below. Peace, quiet, surrounds you. You have time to be still, time for yourself. I’m talking about Floatation Therapy, the peculiar idea of lying in a pod that wouldn’t look out …

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